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May 17, 2011

CRA Best Products of 2010, the DMDrep review Part 2

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If at first you don’t succeed, do it like your mother told you!

I thought this was going to be a short little blog – but this is a huge amount of work! This is continued from yesterdays blog review of products…

Where is Spongostan on this list. Everybody here uses it, has long term EBD…I would look forward to a few of my customers trying OraPlug that is on the CRA list. Maybe its’ a Canadian thing again, eh?

Tempbond is on the list as a classic/control and is still a top product here. I also recommend Tempbond Clear and Tempbond Uni-dose. A couple of products every office could use, and your patients who tend to pop off provisionals!

Maxcem is one of my top selling and top rated cements – agree with CRA
RelyX Unicem - no matter the delivery system another excellent product.

RMI Cements
Fujicem Automix is my most popular RMI with many years of street credibility
RelyX luting Plus is my second most popular I agree with CRA

Finishers/Polishers for Ceramics
Axis Ceraglaze and Brasseler Dialite are pretty much equal in my opinion – and every office should have one of the two kits!

Not sure why Expasyl didn’t make this list – but this is far and away my top pick. Coming on strong is Premier Traxodent.

Impression Materials
Kromopan Alginate didn’t make the list and is my most popular alginate – very inexpensive and very good.

Aquasil Ultra, Impregum I agree with CRA but I would also add Kerr Take 1 and Sultan Genie to the list of VPS.

Accufilm II is an excellent and highly accurate marking material
Mynol Thin Blue is still my most popular, proven product that didn’t make the CRA list.

Whaledent Parapost Plus Taper Lux is still my most popular and always has been.

Provisional Materials
I like the 3 picks on the CRA list – Integrity, Luxatemp and Protemp Plus all get high marks in my book – but the product I REALLY like is not on the list, and is just simply less expensive and dominates my territory for many years now – VOCO Structur 2 SC - Best value in my books.

Silane Primer/Ceramic Conditoners
My pick is not on the list – its’ the best value product made by Pulpdent  - forget all the steps and just pick up one of these kits instead…Pulpdent Embrace Wetbond PFM repair kit
Rinn XCP-ORA is pretty cool, and I will agree with CRA on this one although it is relatively new and I don’t have a lot of street experience on this one – I would still recommend based on the idea alone.

Bases Liners
I like the tried and true Vitrebond Plus, and especially since they came out with the new dispensing methode. One product I really like that is not on the list is Pulpdent Limelite - and I do agree with the Ultra Blend Plus pick as well.

Finishers/Polishers for Composites.
I agree with the CRA picks here
- AstroPol by Ivoclar, Super Snap by Shofu and UltraGloss by Axis. My customers still by and large prefer the 3M sof-lex system and the Dentpsly Enhance and Pogo systems, and I won’t argue with that success!

Matrices Wedges
The Composi-tight 3D system is one of the products I believe EVERY office should use. The Triodent V3 Ring system also made the list – and is a great alternative to the Garrison system 
As a matter of fact – I circled every recommendation on the CRA list! Blue View Cervical Matrices, Blue View Grip Strips and the Slick Bands – all winners in the DMDrep TIMEfactors book!

Moisture Control and Isolation
Safegauze Green sponges made the list – but they would not have made mine. My customers still prefer traditional Safegauze and Henry Schein brand. 
Not mentioned are Microcopy Neo-Dry which I really like. Moisture Control is critical and you want to do this asap. This is it. TIMEfactors in play here too!
How about Isolite? Surprising this wasn’t here yet either. An amazing product that I don’t sell. Check out The Dental Warrior review!
Gems a summary.

The products I believe every office should consider. Fan Favorites.

Get rid of that bulky old mouth prop and get Logibloc!
Mirrors have finally gone High Definition! Check out Zirc Crystal Mirror
MI Paste Remineralization

There are dozens more – but I will save that for another day!

Warren Bobinski
Success in Dentistry and Life. 

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